Double-CD "Mantras & Meditation für deinen Seelenplan" - Lex van Someren & Fred Herbst - MP3 Album
Double-CD "Mantras & Meditation für deinen Seelenplan" - Lex van Someren & Fred Herbst - MP3 Album

Double-CD "Mantras & Meditation für deinen Seelenplan" - Lex van Someren & Fred Herbst - MP3 Album

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Titel: 1. Krishna’s Song  8:08 min. / 2. Song of the Universal Light  9:07 min. / 3. Dance of the Sun  7:04 min. / 4. Return of the Archangels  5:27 min. / 5. Song of the Child King  9:09 min. / 6. The Lord’s Prayer  7:06 min. / 7. Allowing  9:56 min.

Music of the spheres!
This album is a prayer for all humanity to know peace within. The heart wants to be free, and prayer is a gateway. By "prayer" is meant: the praise to true life, to the divine power and to the power of love in us and in all living natural beings. This partly orchestral music and singing (of Lex van Someren, Wivvica Matern, Maria Maltseva) is an ode to the sovereign power within us to guard and protect natural life and loving human interaction and to act energetically accordingly.
The first 5 songs are all compositions by Patrick Bernard (Canada) and the 6th song "The Lords Prayer" is by Singh Kaur (USA). They released this music on CDs in the early 90s. These were musical revelations for me at that time, which deeply influenced me as a musician and composer. Suddenly I realized and remembered how music can be used to open up very high dimensions of consciousness. These two brilliant artists were a seminal inspiration for me. It took a maturing process of about 30 years before I felt able to sing and produce these musical treasures in my own way. The support of my con-genial music producer, Frank Steiner, was indispensable. It is important to me to bring out these songs on this CD, because I want to present them to a wider audience in these times of the great awakening and because they may not fall into oblivion.
The last song "Allowing" is a composition by Alexia Chellun (GB). A few months ago I heard this beautiful song for the first time and it was immediately clear to me that I would like to sing it.
From the bottom of my heart I thank these three musicians for their touching songs and their inspiration!

A listener writes:
"The CD "Prayer" opens the space of love completely and lifts into full self-empowerment. My breath stops on its own. It is as if every cell has its own heartbeat, in sync with my heart. I like to keep listening to it and singing it."

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