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AVAP059    2022       total time 68:00 min

Titel: This Universe 19:27 min. - Song of Imortal Love 11:05 min. - Akaal I 12:12 min. -Teyatha Om Bekanze 8:01 min. - Akaal II 6:16 min. - Ma Ya Hai www.mayahai.org 10:15 min.

A profound combination of meditative music, devotional mantras and songs of spiritual inspiration, set in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. These sacred chants open up to the higher dimensions of the soul, supporting us on our inner journey of healing and transformation. „AGWARU“ conveys a heartfelt message of unity, strength, hope and love. Recommended for healing rituals, relaxation and meditation.

With the magical voices of: Wivvica Matern, Maria Maltseva, Katie Okwuazu, Lex van Someren, Frank Steiner and Timon Schwegler.

20,00 EUR
AVAP057    2021       total time  77:00 min

ARIA-mantras - for a new beginning
Healing mantras for body, mind and soul. A choice of 8 touching and sublime mantras, arranged musically in a unique way. Lex van Someren sings all mantras together with the wonderful singers Wivvica Matern and Katie Okwuazu.

20,00 EUR
ONE - Music for Meditation 4
AVAP053    2019       total time  67:04 min
20,00 EUR

AVAP058    2022       total time  74:40 min


MANTRAS: Ong Namo Gurudev 12:10 min. • Govinda Jaya Jaya 11:18 min. • Om Arunachala 13:55 min. • Jai Mata Kali 6:50 min. • Ganapati Om 10:57 min. • Om Sri Ram, Jai Ram II 11:24 min. • I Am Light 8:04 min.

7 sublime mantras and kirtans (alternate chants), unique in their expression and quality, which invite you to sing along, dance or enjoy in silence, evoking an uplifting vibration of joy, grace and gratitude. Sung by the touching voices of Lex van Someren, Wivvica Matern, Katie Okwuazu, Maria Maltseva and others, and musically framed by magical arrangements. Various top musicians from all over the world have been invited to enrich the mantras and kirtans with their virtuoso accompaniment and solos on cello, violin, uillean pipes, flute and percussion. A highlight is the unique musical interpretation of the traditional mantra "Jai Mata Kali".
Another CD in the usual high quality of Lex van Someren and arranger Frank Steiner, who celebrate with the healing power of their music a deep respect for the essence of life.

20,00 EUR
From Heart to Heart - Maria Maltseva
AVAP055    2020       total time  66 min
20,00 EUR
Double-CD "United We Stand" - Lex van Someren & Friends
AVAP056    2020       total time CD1: 44:11 min  CD2: 44:02 min
20,00 EUR


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AVAP002    1994     57:00 min.
Only 14,00 EUR
DVD Essence of the Soul on Bali (german language)
Only 5,00 EUR
DVD Dreamjourney for the Soul - Originalshow 2001/02
Only 15,00 EUR
DVD Traumgala 2006
Only 8,00 EUR
DVD Lex van Someren's Traumreise
Only 19,50 EUR
The Northern Light
AVAP001    1993       55:18 min.
Only 14,00 EUR