MARIA MALTSEVA is a creator of multidimensional music and songs. Different styles and languages merge into one in an aspiration to know the Divine from different perspectives and deepen more and
more the connection with the Source - Origin of Love. Maria‘s life was always accompanied by a deep spiritual search and mystical experiences from an early age that led her to investigate
in depth the meaning of human existence and its place in the Universe. In her songs she reveals her spiritual path of awakening consciousness, self-improvement and knowledge
and understanding of herself as well as the laws of the universe and life in general.
Maria: “I hope that my experience can serve all truth seekers, those who seek a path of harmony and aspire to live and create their own reality based on love. I am a self-taught
musician, singer, composer and songwriter, with several great teachers who have helped me. First of all I consider myself as a mystic, because that is the path that led me to music,
as one of the tools to grow and share.
The creative path I am walking is continuous learning and personal improvement and I love that! To feel and hear music and songs in the least expected places and moments and learn
to materialise it in this reality, intuitively. Music is a combination of sounds of different frequencies, which influence us in one way or another depending on how they are used in a creation.
I perceive and create music and songs as a tool and a means for self-knowledge, healing, and improvement, and I never cease to be amazed of the enormous potential that it has for human
development and evolution.
This is my first CD, as a result of a long path, full of mysteries, revelations and challenges. The path of the music has been my dream since I was a child. But I did not dare to follow it until I learned to trust
my intuition, my feelings, my heart, very deeply. There are no words to describe how grateful I feel to everyone who supported and helped this dream to become true!
I would like to thank all my friends and especially people who supported me musically: Miquel Pardo: thank you for your help and support! You are a great music and arrangements teacher and such a talented
composer! Thank you for your great heart!
My infinite gratitude to my father, brother and especially to my mother, who always inspired me to follow this path. I am infinitely grateful to all the beings who have been helping me from the subtle worlds, sending messages, visions, songs, lyrics and melodies.
My special gratitude to Lex van Someren: his magical music has been inspiring me for many years! I never imagined that one day he would produce my music! I want to thank him very much for the musical treasures that he brings to this world! For his love, sensitivity, faith and wisdom of his heart and soul!
My special gratitude also to Frank Steiner for his great musical talent and such beautiful and magical arrangements!“
From Heart to Heart - Maria Maltseva
AVAP055    2020       total time  66 min
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