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NOW! - MP3-Download-Album

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Titel: This Universe 19:27 min. - Song of Imortal Love 11:05 min. - Akaal I 12:12 min. -Teyatha Om Bekanze 8:01 min. - Akaal II 6:16 min. - Ma Ya Hai 10:15 min.

A profound combination of meditative music, devotional mantras and songs of spiritual inspiration, set in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. These sacred chants open up to the higher dimensions of the soul, supporting us on our inner journey of healing and transformation. „AGWARU“ conveys a heartfelt message of unity, strength, hope and love. Recommended for healing rituals, relaxation and meditation.

With the magical voices of: Wivvica Matern, Maria Maltseva, Katie Okwuazu, Lex van Someren, Frank Steiner and Timon Schwegler.

15,99 EUR